Conservas Ana María

Anchoas del Cantábrico


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Conservas Ana Maria is a family-run company established in 1997. Since its beginnings, the production has focused on artisanally-processed anchovy, putting an special emphasis on quality. The company has now taken advantage of its own anchovy-marketing channels to extended its production into another range of products. Drained weight: 45 grs.
Processors: Conservas Ana Maria
Cantabria , España
Product: Anchoas
Peso Neto: 95 grs.
Approximate expiration: 10 meses

Conservas Ana María|Anchoas del Cantábrico¬Frasco 95 grs.

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Ingredients: anchovy, olive oil and salt. On reaching the plant, the fish is salted and put in brine, advisably for one or two days. The fish is then removed from the brine then headed and gutted and graded according to size, all by hand. The fish is for salting or anchovy fillets. If it is for salting, after washing in brine, it is put into 10 or 5 kg. Once the appropriate degree of maturity is reached, two procedures are involved. In the case of the fish for salting, the lid is removed and they are cleaned on the inside with brine and covered again with salt. They are then hermetically sealed once and for all and ready for being marketed. Anchovies for filleting go through another process. The salted fish is taken out of the casks and washed to remove the salt, blanched to help skinning and once again immersed in the brine to bring back the saline concentration that it had prior to the washes. The removed skin can be artisenal by rubbing the sides of the anchovy with a cloth or medium grade crenel.

Tabla de portes con destino a España peninsular y Portugal

nº de botellas (aprox)
0 a 10kg
(de 1 a 6 botellas de 75cl)
10 a 20kg
(de 7 a 12 botellas de 75cl)
20 a 38kg
(de 13 a 24 botellas de 75cl)
38 a 56kg
(de 25 a 36 botellas de 75cl)
56 a 75kg
(de 37 a 48 botellas de 75cl)
75 a 92kg
(de 49 a 60 botellas de 75cl)

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